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Working as a subcontractor with Marriott Hotel we have just finished flooring at the Renaissance Hotel located at 999 9th St. NW Washington DC. This is one of many good examples of how we provide our services to our contractors. At the moment, we are changing the wallpapers, providing carpets and doing the painting in Towers Condominium. 4201 Cathedral Ave NW, Washington, DC.

Here are more pictures of our work in different locations including Washington DC Renaissance Hotel, Keybridge Marriott Hotel, International Monetary Fund (IMF2), Performing Arts Center at Strathmore Hall, Washington National Airport, Washington City Museum, National Institute of Standards,Technology Gaithersburg and Hyatt Hotel Washington DC, South County High School, VA, new section of Dulles Airport, Tower Condominium at Washington, DC and so many other jobs that we did in our 25+ years of experience.

We hope now you have a basic understanding of who we are and what we do.

Capital Carpet LLC strives to provide customers with quality products and dependable services on every job no matter how big or small it is. We promise to inform every customer so that they can make smart decisions on their floor covering needs, and we will provide our customers with the lowest possible prices. Our integrity will never be compromised with less. Clients include: Marriot, Holiday Inn, and Hyatt.

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Quality Laminate Flooring - Capital Carpet - Washington D.C.
Quality Hardwood Flooring - Capital Carpet - Washington D.C.

Here is a list of our projects with Clark Construction, Sand Stone, Horning Brothers and Marriott:

  • APHA – Washington DC
  • City Museum – Washington DC
  • City 901 New York Avenue – Washington DC
  • Kiser Foundation – Baltimore MD
  • National Institute of Technology – Gaithersburg MD
  • 1601 K Street NW – Washington DC
  • Strathmore Concert Hall – Rockville MD
  • International Monetary Fund Headquarters – Washington DC
  • 505 9th Street – Washington DC
  • Dulles International Airport – Dulles VA
  • 3434 Washington bvld – Washington DC
  • Renaissance Hotel – Washington DC
  • Key Bridge Marriott – Washington DC
  • Renaissance Hotel – Ballroom and meeting rooms carpet replacement, Washington DC
  • 505 9th st. N.W. – Flooring
  • 51 Louisiana Ave. N.E. – Flooring
  • Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel -Perfection and ballroom carpet replacement
  • Tysons Corner Marriott – Flooring
  • Key Bridge Marriott – Flooring

Our Work

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