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Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing

What you need to know about “sand & finish” of hardwood floors

The term "sand and finish" describes two processes. This term is used when a consumer buys brand new solid hardwood flooring, has it installed, and then has the raw wood planks prepared (sanding) and coated (finished) with the appropriate stain, oil, varnish, etc. The second way this term is used applies to homes and businesses that already have a hardwood floor, but that floor has become dull and needs to be refinished, to make it appear like new again.

The sand part of the process

With the exception of removing the old surface (for older floors that need to be refinished), the process is basically the same. Our professional crew will come to your home and set up dust barriers that will reduce the amount of dust that travels inside your home or business. We use the best sanding equipment, which also captures dust during its operation. The purpose of the sanding process, which moves from heavy-grade sandpaper to very light-grade paper, is to get to the raw fibers of the hardwood planking, making it as smooth and even as possible, before the finish is applied.

It cannot be stated too much that the sanding process is critical to a satisfactory result. If this process is not completed correctly from start to finish, it will not matter how expensive your finish coating may be, your floor will not look good, revealing tiny scratches and imperfections that no amount of buffing will remove.

The finish part

Today, consumers have many options when it comes to selecting their hardwood flooring finishes. At Capital Carpet LLC, we can show you a variety of options, explain each to you, and answer any questions you may have about finishes including gloss levels, hardness levels, and maintenance requirements.

Once you have decided upon the finish that you want, we can schedule the work. Our sand & finish crews will apply the desired finish according to the manufacturer's instructions, ensure that all imperfections are removed, and explain the drying process to you before they leave.

If your hardwood flooring, new or old, needs sand & finish, come to Capital Carpet LLC first and let us show you why so many people in the Washington, DC area depend upon us for all their flooring needs.

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